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Hey there stalker! I'm leader/admin XGlass Reflection but most call me by my first name Josh. Call me whatever you want! I'm a 14 year old male from London, England. I'm quite an upbeat person and I'm very easy to talk to, however, when it comes to rules and policies, I'm VERY strict so don't try to reason with me.

I've been an animanga fan since I was.... 4, the first anime I watched other than Pokemon and DBZ was Hellsing. Ever since then, I've become an Otaku. Shaman King is my favorite shonen and the best shonen ever in my personal opinion. I mainly read seinen nowadays however, I'm open to any genre really. My favorite animanga include such greats as, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Monster, Billy Bat, Shingeki no Kyojin, Fate/Zero, Shaman King, Berserk and Area no Kishi.

That's about it from me, any problems, don't be afraid to contact me.

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