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Tamao Tamamura (タマオ玉村, Tamamura Tamao) is a shaman who works as the manager of the Funbari Hot Springs Inn and acts as the legal guardian to Hana Asakura. She is loyal to the Asakura family, who took her when she was orphaned at a young age and then raised and trained her as a shaman. In addition to working as the inn's mistress, she is accomplished in a number of Classical Japanese arts and is a powerful shaman who is able to effortlessly intimidate her employees to keep them in line.


Tamao is a tall woman, with long, pink hair that reaches her waist and has pink eyes. She wears a plain, white t-shirt, a pair of pants and high-heel shoes.


She is fiercely loyal to the Asakura Family. She panicked when she learned of members of the Asakura Branch Family had arrived in town and after Luka Asakura and Yohane Asakura had attacked Hana, she retaliated by crushing the house of the Branch Family with Dai Tengu.

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When Hana Asakura arrives home late Tamao hits him on the head. Hana asks her what was that for, to which Tamao asks him if it hurt, and it's his own fault for coming home so late. Tamao tells him he disobeyed her prohibition and used spirits to fight again, questioning him. Hana tells her not really. Tamao calls him a little lair and tells him did he forget how much she can see through him. As she asks him doesn't he understand, she begins to tell him, she was told to take care of him to raise him properly, and she is. She continues to tell him, that he is the heir to the Asakura Family, an ancient shaman lineage, so must she remind him that it is his duty to successfully preserve the bloodline for the next shaman fight in 500 years and despite everything, look at what he's doing. Tamao then tells him from now on ghosts are banned, as they don't anybody finding out about his powers do they and if he does it again he'll suffer her ultimate shugan once more.


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