Silver Arms
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Alumi Niumbirch


Alumi Niumbirch

First Appearance
Manga Debut

Chapter 5

The Silver Arms are five animal spirits who have trained and refined themselves for over five hundred years, in turn becoming divine spirits.



Alumi's Over Souls and AttacksEdit

O.S. Silver ArmsEdit

O.S. "Silver Arms" (O.S.シルバーアームズ)

O.S Silver Arms

O.S. Silver Arms

  • Shaman: Alumi Niumbirch
  • O.S. Type: Armour Type
  • Spirit Allies: 5 Animal Totems - Silver Wing, Rod, Shield, Horn, and Tail
  • Medium: Unknown

Description: Alumi's Over Soul is the same as her father's as she creates an armour using the five totem spirits. Alumi does changes the position of Silver Shield and Silver Horn.

  • Silver Shield (シルバーシールド, Shilva Shield): Alumi's Turtle Totem. As an O.S., Silva Shield materializes over Alumi's chest, but only his head is materialized. The shield can also be expanded and act like a mirror to reflect attacks.
  • Silver Tail (シルバーテイル, Shilva Tail): Alumi's Coyote Totem. As an O.S., Silva Tail materializes his head over Alumi's leg with the right half on her right leg and the left half on her left leg. This Over Soul enables Alumi to move faster enough to get behind her opponent without the noticing.
  • Silver Wing (シルバーウイング, Shilva Wing): Alumi's Eagle Totem. As an O.S., Silva Wing materializes as a helmet, that resembles an eagles beak, over Alumi's head and a pair of wing on Alumi's back. This O.S. enables Alumi's ability of flight.
  • Silver Horn (シルバーホーン, Shilva Horn): Alumi's Buffalo Totem. As an O.S., Silva Horn materializes over Alumi's left arm as a large glove with two finger. The O.S. is able to transform into a square shaped buffalo head with a cattle catcher, that is powerful enough to break another O.S. Silver horn is also able to turn into a shogun that fires the special patch bean Goldva in Alumi's Setsubun Mode.
  • Silver Rod (シルバーロッド, Shilva Rod): Alumi's Snake Totem. As an O.S., Silva Rod materializes coiling over Alumi's Arm and her head on Alumi's shoulder. The O.S. can be used as a whip, so that Alumi can catch her opponents by wraping the whip around them.


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