The Flower of Maize (フラワーオブメイズ), also known as F.O.M. is a tournament organized by the members of the G8 wherein teams of shamans act as their representatives to resolve conflicts amongst themselves through combat. This normally occurs with the rise of any newly appointed Shaman King. In this respect, the F.O.M is, informally, regarded as an "After Shaman Fight".


Usually with the ascension of the new Shaman King, When three or more members of the G8 raise complaint against the current Shaman King, a conference is held in the highest society of the G.S. to resolve the conflict. This is the G8 Summit. But, given the uncompromising nature of these gods, formal communication never succeeds to resolve their disputes peacefully and usually results in violence. But due to the potential danger posed to the planet and themselves, each member of the G8 would then chose teams of shaman to represent them in a fighting tournament called the Flower of Maze.[1]

According to Namaha, each of 8 gods would choose a single shaman to represent them. This representative would officially recognized as the leader of that god's team and thus has the authority to appoint other two shaman as their personal advisors and four other shaman as team captains. Each captain has the authority to form their own team of up to three warriors. Shaman chosen by the G8 can refuse to participate in the competition; however, once the F.O.M. begins, the positions of team leaders and captains cannot be modified on the roster, even in the event of their deaths. However, the positions of team advisors and warriors can be modified. Also, the number of guardian ghosts and spirits any shaman is allowed to carry is unlimited.[2]

As reward, each member of the winning team would awarded one "miracle". This is any desire or act that one may have that would made into reality. [3]



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