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10 June 2014


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Death Zero (7) is the twenty fifth chapter of Shaman King: Flowers.


After Hana Asakura is blasted away, Yosuke encourages his pilot Anderson to kill Sakurai, who shoots Anderson. Sakurai's attempt to shoot Yosuke is foiled when Yosuke uses a YVS card to stop time and reposition the bullet to fatally wound Sakurai once time begins again. Before succumbing to his wound, Sakurai succeeds in killing Yosuke. As Thalim witnesses everything, he reluctantly does not interfere as per Hao's orders, recalling that Hao Asakura also intends for Sakurai to become Hana's new guardian ghost. Thalim is soon joined by Kalim and Renim, who ponder on Sakurai's qualifications, before they are greeted by the Patch priests from Yabisu's era. As they collect Yosuke's YVS golem, the priest Thorim warns them about how formidable Team YVS is. Meanwhile, Hana regains consciousness on a Japanese air force base.

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