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Death Zero (3) is the twenty first chapter of Shaman King: Flowers.


Sakurai wants Hana Asakura bring his plane back to Japan, which Hana decides is impossible, as Thalim appears and brings both of them to his cafe for a discussion. Hana's body is brought back to the inn, where Alumi Niumbirch relates where his soul has gone with her Patch connections. When she leaves for school, Yohane Asakura notes Alumi's reluctance to talk about the Patch Tribe. Tao Men asks that Ryunosuke Umemiya show him the Iron Maiden stored at the inn, but deems the device a fake because as the real one is missing the spike Men was given by Jeanne to use as a medium. When they question where the real Iron Maiden has gone, the Munzer siblings reveal that they are responsible as they require the device for their plan involving a mysterious dark-haired girl.

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